Precast is our Passion!

Precast concrete is the future of construction. In almost every respect, building with pefab concrete is the better choice. The production process of precast concrete takes place without waste of raw materials and is not affected by weather conditions. Planning and production can be done far in advance, which shortens the construction process. In turn this leads to a reduction in nuisance and particulate matter at the project location. Are there any design limitations? On the contrary, nowadays almost any design is possible in precast concrete. Elements can also be provided with electricity, frames and glazing. In short, precast construction is more sustainable, more environment-friendly and can achieve an impressive construction time reduction of 50%.

We advise our customers on the application of precast construction methods. Both for future projects and complex issues or problems in current precast projects. We work with the most innovative precast concrete manufacturers and gladly bring construction partners / companies into contact with each other.